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Niteangel Jungle Vines, Reptile Habitat Décor


Niteangel Jungle Vines, Reptile Habitat Décor


Made of PU and metal material, with a natural-looking and feel.
Bendable and waterproof, helps to create a natural environment for your reptile.
Measures: 98 inch (8.2 feet) in length, 0.4 inch in diameter.
Great for lizard, chameleons, tree frogs, geckos, tortoises, snakes and other reptiles.
Comes with 5 suction cups, diameter is 1.1 inch.

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Product Description

Size:98'' x 0.4''

This Jungle Vine is very easy to bend and twist to adjust in the cage, blend in nicely with plant. Helps add natural elements to your pet living space. Suction cups make it easier for styling, design a secure climbing adventure for your reptile and encourage them do proper exercise.

Excessive bending branches may lead to the surface of the vine may torn, but does not affect the use of landscaping.

Package included:
1 x jungle vine
5 x suction cups


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