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Niteangel Tree trunk Aquarium Ornament, Driftwood for Aquarium


Niteangel Tree trunk Aquarium Ornament, Driftwood for Aquarium


All made of high quality natural Driftwood (Visual variety – no two pieces are alike, different sizes and different looking).
Long lasting in underwater (will sink quickly in the tank) or arid environments.
Absolutely safe for fish and other water creatures and plants, won't cause any algae problems.
Change your aquarium into a beautiful scenery (can decoration the landscape, crawler box, aquatic animals habitat or more).
Medium Size: Weight 5 – 10 ounces, the average weight is about 7 ounces. Sizes vary from 6 – 10 inches in length, 3 – 5 inches in width (the long strip shape driftwood is longer, but lighter; the square-shaped driftwood length is shorter, but wider and heavier).

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Product Description

Size:Medium Niteangel Driftwood is very high quality, it's designed to help soften hard water and releases tannins that will lower the Ph. Ideal for discus and angelfish tanks! Natural Aquascape Driftwood adds an interesting and beautiful decorative element. Note: Each piece is hand selected, no two pieces are alike. Some customers' advice: Aux10 says: All natural driftwood will release a substance called tannins. Tannins is what produces the brownish color you see and can cause a reduction in PH. It is non toxic to fish and helps to produce a more natural environment which many fish keepers find desirable. In fact some add peat to their filters for this very reason. (peat also releases tannins) Properly curing drift wood before use will help to reduce the amount of tannins released. To accomplish this in a bucket it will take many weeks and require you to changed the water daily. If you have a large enough pot you can achieve this in a matter of hours by boiling the drift wood on the stove for about four to eight hours. The boiling method also has the advantage of sterilizing the wood preventing the addition of any harmful bacteria, viruses, or critters to the tank. The drift wood will release tannins very rapidly while boiling and you'll need to replace the water every 30-60 minutes so keep a second pot on the stove to pre heat the new water. Any remaining tannins will still be slowly leached out into your aquarium water but it can be easily removed by adding carbon to your filter. Carbon will clear up your water even if the wood is uncured but you'll have to replace it more often. S. Moyer says: This driftwood is very beautiful. Please know that it is nothing like the picture... do you really expect them to mold a fake wood? No. You wouldn't be paying $10 or more for it then. So appreciate that each piece of wood is unique and natural...


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