Niteangel Natural Wooden Hamster Mouse Tunnel Tube Toy Forest Hollow Tree Trunk

  • INTERESTING TUNNEL TOYS: Are you still looking for fun toys for your pet? This small wooden adventure mice tunnel is one of choices for keeping your pets natural. The small wooden adventure tunnel is also a great exploring toy for small dwarf hamsters, gerbils, mice and other pets of similar size, it's not recommanded for Syrian Hamsters or similar sized pets
  • DESIGN SATISFIES THE MICE EXPLORATORY NATURE: your furry little animals can enjoy hours of fun while exploring all the ways in and out of the tube. They will run in and out of the small tree trunk to ‘peek a boo’
  • STORAGE AND ENTERTAINMENT ACCESSORIES: For extra excitement, you can stuff this mice tunnel with treats and hay and watch your furry friend work out how to get everything out. The small tree tube toys will increase the close you and your pet
  • THE NATURAL Hideout: they might even decide to use the gerbils tunnel as a nest and fill it with bedding. You can use this tree trunk to build virgin forests and hollow habitats, allowing your pets to feel back to nature at any time and maintain its nature
  • NATURAL FIR FOR MOLAR TEETH: It will affect eating if your pet's teeth are too long, so molar toys are essential for it. It is made of natural fir. This hamsters tunnel also makes a brilliant chew toy to wear their teeth down, don’t worry about too long teeth234This hamster tunnel is suitable for Roborovski Hamster, Chinese hamster, small Djungarian Hamster, Small Campbell Hamster, small mice, gerbil and hermit crabs. Its size is only 1.4 inches, which is not the best choice for Syrians, dwarf rabbit, squirrel, ferret.
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  • The teeth of hamsters are growing, without grinding they will not live longer. The wooden tunnel can also be used as a chew toy, which is good for your hamster's teeth.
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  • Made of natural fir wood, using first-class wood, naturally dried, keep pets bored in the cage chew and looking for fun, don’t worry about too long teeth affect pet growth.
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  • Traditional hand-made product with superb craftsmanship, Multiple polishing keeps your pet from injuring itself. It is the best gift to satisfy your pets.

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