Niteangel 13.8'' Chinchilla Wheel - Quiet & Sturdy Exercise Wheel for Chinchilla or Other Similar-Sized Pets

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  • Chinchilla Exercise Wheel - Made from a Diameter 13.8'' Wheel Drum with a 4.4'' wide metal running track surface. The sturdy metal Chinchilla Running wheel drum was a solid powder-coated surface for your pet's safety, it's chew-proof and last-long
  • Silent Chinchilla Wheel - Ultilized dual ball bearings to allow for a silent ride, encourage your Chinchilla to exercise, and also brings a quiet environment when running
  • It's fit for Chinchillas to run on it, the hemmed smooth
  • Comes with a mounting bracket and bolts to securely fasten to the wall of your Chinchilla cage, please see the installation page for more information
  • Please install the wheel on a low level of the cage to protect your pets, also make sure there has enough space for the wheel to spin. Meanwhile, it's better to mount a shelf close to the top of the wheel to prevent your Chinchilla from hopping on top of it

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