Niteangel Desert Sand Mixed with Zeolite Bathing Sand for Hamster Chinchillas Gerbil Mice Degu or Other Small Pets

  • [ Soft And Delicate Hamster Sand Bath ] Regular sand baths are necessary for cute hamsters to remove excess oil and keep their fur thick and shiny. You can see the hamsters playing on the fine clean sand while removing the dirt from the fur. The soft sand allows the hamsters to fully enjoy the fun of dig. Hamster bath sand is a great deal to improve hamster's well-being.
  • [ Upgrade material and Keep Clean ] Hamster bath sand uses desert sand and zeolite particles, a mixture of two natural materials that can better absorb annoying odors and absorb oil on hamster hair, makes their fur fluffy, fresh and clean. It allows your pet to enjoy a relaxing bath time.( Mix all the sand well before use.)
  • [ Adsorbing Annoying Smell And Training Toys ] Zeolite materials can help hamsters absorb annoying smells in the hamster house, the hamster bath sand also provide a good entertainment for pets. The soft texture provide better touch with the paws. Your hamster will love to dig and roll on it for entertainment, the Niteangel hamster sand bath a great way to keep your pet neat and tidy.
  • [ Easy Replacement & Say Goodbye To Swallowing ] Natural zeolite and desert sand are ground into small and uniform particles, making the hamster cleaning sand naturally absorbent, and it will clump soon after encountering water, keeping hamsters from swallowing and causing gastrointestinal danger, you can clean with the cleaning shovel and creates a fresh and clean hideout for your pets.
  • [ Resealable Packaging Ideal For All Kinds of Hamsters ] No fragrance or color added, Niteangel hamster sand will be the good gift for hamsters who are sensitive to smell. The resealable packaging is not popping open and getting everywhere. The hamster sand bath is suitable for Syrian, Dwarf Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice, Lemming, Degus or other small-sized pets that need regular hamster sand baths to keep themselves clean and growing.

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