Niteangel Bigger World MDF Terrarium Aspen Poplar Wooden Enclosure for Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters

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  • Spacious Hamster Cage - Over 17.7 inches height can hold the thick layer of bedding for pets to dig and burrow. This cage was designed for you to match the desire to establish your hamster's habitats. Due to plenty of spaces, it's easy to arrange their hideout, sand bath area, hamster wheel, or exploring scene as your individual wishes and achieve many habitats decor theme per your design
  • Big View & Modern Design - Made with high-quality MDF boards Frame & PVC board, We designed 3 view windows that achieve your watching by many angles and any times. The feature of Fresh color & Modern looking matches your home surrounding naturally, makes more time to accompany with your hamster, enrich their lifetime. Decoration in cages are sold separately, not included
  • Air circulation & Easy to Open - Present plenty of ventilation going on though the Curved slits in the cage top. The cage top perfectly attuned to the cage to ensure an ideal living environment inside. Also, the roof cover is easy to open up or close, it's convenience to reach out the water bottle, feed your hamster, change the bedding materials, or set up new toys for them
  • Easy to Clean & Assemble - Comes with a sheet of PVC board that covers the floor and preventing water or pet-urine soaking into the wood, it's easier to clean than most of the wooden small animal's cages. Slide-in connections Design serves to install quickly, please follow the instruction and install the cage step by step
  • It’s recommended for dwarf hamsters, gerbils, Degus, Mice and most of the Syrian hamsters, it’s not suitable for destructive rodents as they love to bite anything




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