Niteangel Hamster Secret Peep Shed 2-Chamber Hideout & Tunnel Exploring Toys

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  • Hamster Secret Peep Shed - It's designed for your hammy who loves to burrow or hide under hamster bedding or soils, it's a secret peep shed for you to easily find your little critter and watch their activities without disturbing them
  • Offers a hiding place - You can set up this hamster hideout by tunnels to reach underground to mimic their natural cave, to provide secure support for them to explore or rest, also protect them away from collapsed bedding materials
  • Small size 2-chamber exploring room - Designed for dwarf hamster, the diameter of the entrance is around 2.2-inch (ca. 5.5cm), brings convenience to your dwarf hamster to access enter or out. The 2-chamber design allows your small pets to set up their spaces to sleep or keep foods as wishes, probe their habitats to exhausting energy
  • Natural Materials without nails - Made of European Imported Birch Plywood, built by the tongue and groove method without nails. It's sanded each corner to smooth, brings reliable & enjoyable living to keep your furry friend's well-being, chewable & durable toys for your pets
  • The Dimension of this hamster hideout house is 11-inch L x 5.3-inch W x 4.3-inch H. Please make sure your cage or terrarium has enough space to put it down before purchase

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