Niteangel Hamster Climbing Toy Wooden Ladder Bridge for Hamsters Gerbils Mice and Small Animals

  • Stable Climbing Toy – The slots design is suitable for most of the flat, and makes the wooden ladder sturdier.
  • Chewy Ramp – The climbing bridge is made of birch and beech, which supports chew for your pets.
  • Expand Space Span– Explore more possibilities, satisfy the natural instincts for furry critters and improve vitality.
  • Multi-use Climbing Accessories – Both ends of the ladder can be used, and you can match more pet’s furniture, such as Chamber, sand bath box platform, etc.
  • Habitat Decor - Makes a perfect home for your paw friends, ideal for Rats, Hedgehog,Gerbils, Dwarf Hamsters and similar Small Pets.

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