Niteangel Small Animal Sand-Bath Box - Acrylic Critter's Sand Bath Shower Room & Digging Sand Container for Hamsters Mice Lemming Gerbils or Other Small Pets

  • Usage Tips 1 - in Cage - Niteangel Fan-shaped SandBox - Settle it down at your hamster sandbath area as a sandbox for their daily sand-bath spot. Due to the fan-shaped design, it's easy to settle down at a corner in your cage or habitats and save more space for other hamster toys if your cage is smaller than Niteangel Bigger World Series Cage or Niteangel Vista Cage
  • Usage Tips 2 - in Large Size - Niteangel Multi-Chamber Maze House. (** Note: it's not able to put into Small Size - Niteangel Hamster Chamber House) - Put Niteangel Fan-shaped SandBox into your Large Size - Niteangel Hamster Maze Home as a chamber sandbox for house sand-bath box or litter spot, to keep the wood of house away from wetting and annoy smelling because of pet's body waste substance. It's highly recommended to train your little furry pets to use it as a routine spot from beginning
  • Plus Benefit - As we known, most of hamsters love to hide in their Niteangel Hamster Chamber Hideout(only for Large size, not for Small Size) in winter or at day, hamster might do not come out for daily body waste issue, instead that take one room as a bathroom or litter-room directly, we designed this acrylic sand-tub as a solution and put it into the chamber house to help your pets to solve the problem
  • Acrylic Material & Easy to Clean - Made from premium Acrylic Material, which is easier to clean and fewer smelling problem than most of wooden materials products. It's recomended for hamsters, gerbils, mice, lemming, or other small sized pets
  • Fan-shaped design with easy access in & out - Measured as: (Fan-shaped)5.1-inch L & 5.1-inch W & 3.9-inch H, also we designed low door position to help your little friends to get in or out smoothly. Take smaller space and help your pets to solve their needs

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