Niteangel Ceramic Hamster Tunnel & Tubes Hideout: for Dwarf Robo Syrian Hamsters Mice Rats or Other Small Animals

  • Ceramic Hamster Tunnel - Made from quality ceramic, mimics the natural tunnel system of Hamster in wild. Offers to explore, hide & run for your little pets to enjoy their happy times in burrow. Also cooling than others in summer. Length: 5.7''
  • Easy to Clean & Bite-resistant - Easier to clean than wooden or other materials, you can rinse it underwater and dry it under air, offers convenient when clean and long span life than other materials hideout due to bite-resistant
  • Designed extra Side Entrances - Wide Opening(Ø2.3'' Inner Diameter) on 2 sides offers easy access into the burrow, and the side entrance can be compatible with Niteangel Ceramic large tunnel components or the ceramic hideout, build the burrow as a cozy, durable small-sized rodent pet home that can be completely hidden in the bedding.
  • Sturdy & Exploring Tube - The tunnel structure offers a security spot when covered by beddings, holds the shapes, or prevents collapse because they digging per their instinct of burrowing. Encourage your little friends to run or explore under the protection
  • It's recommended for hamsters, gerbils, mice, degus, or other small-sized rodents. Can be used separately or combined with Niteangel ceramic hideout per your setup

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