Natural Paper Tube with Dried Herbs and Flowers for Hamsters


  • Creative & Composable Tunnel Part - Each cellulose tubes is compatible with other elements shown on this page, you can purchase one or 2 more items to setup your hamster house or habitats depends pet's desire or cage size.
  • Pet-safe Material - Made from unbleached cellulose tubes, coated by aromatic calendula petals & shredded timothy hay & barley grass powder. And safely be chewed, as the glue we use to attach is edible and made from glutinous rice starch. Offers more insteresting for small pets
  • Promote hammy's needs & instincts - To mimic hamsters wild habitat to build a natural-look burrow and underground tunnel systems for it to explore & hide-away. Stimulate them to exercise & digging to improve their physical & mental healthy
  • Entertaining DIY Toys - Different connections offers multiple combined & changes. Each pipe has at least 2 holes, you can combine them as you like and create the tunnel systems & resident to suit your pet's needs and instincts, keep their curious. 


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