Niteangel Small Animal Sand-Bath Box - Acrylic Critter's Sand Bath Shower Room & Digging Sand Container for Hamsters Mice Lemming Gerbils or Other Small Pets

  • Fan-Shaped Hamster Sand Bath Container - The Dimension of Fan-Shaped Small Animal Sandbox: 7.4-inch L x 7.4-inch W, Height: 4-inch, the diameter of the entrance on the lid is 2.7-inch. Due to triangle shape design, it's easy to settle down at a corner in your hamster cages or tanks than the circle one to save spaces. As it's larger than most of the sand-bath boxes, please choose the reasonable one and make sure there have enough space to put it down in your hamster habitats before purchase
  • Reasonable Size of Small Animals Sand Bathing Bathtub - It's recommended for your hamsters, gerbils, mice, lemming, or other similar-sized pets, spacious space offers them more sands to burrowing, they also love to take a sand bath to keep their furs glossy, clean, and dust-free
  • Acrylic Sand-Bath Box with Lid - More Transparent, More Viewable, More Fun. The see-through sand-bath box offers your convenience to watch your hamsters digging sands, enjoy your curious pet's happy time. We also designed a removable lid which helps to reduce the scattered sands by your pets, also assist hammy access out & in
  • Easy to Clean - Made with Acrylic Materials, it's easy to clean than wood, also it's not easy to retain an odor. You can take it out as a separate spot to clean & change neat sands without move any of your bedding materials or decoration in cages or habitats. And except for the birch-wood lid, the MDF board styles of lids are water-proof on surface
  • Unique Design - It's designed to match Niteangel Bigger World Series - Hamster Cages, if you are using other hamster cages or DIY tank/terrarium, please see the following size info of the 3 types of sand-bath box for reference first and make sure there has spare space for it before purchase