Niteangel Wooden Hamster Exercise Wheel:- Silent Hamster Running Wheel for Hamsters Gerbil Mice and Other Similar-Sized Small Pets


  • Silent Spin Hamster Exercise Wheel - Using dual ball bearing to keep it on spinning smoothly with a very low noise level (around 40dB), brings a quiet night for you even if your little friends working out on the hamster exercise wheel in the nighttime
  • Pet-Safe Material & Sturdy & Gnawing-resistant - The cork running track is continuous to prevent cracks or tripping. The soft surface of the cork track provides a paw-friendly experience when running. Made from Oak & Poplar wood, which are durable and gnawing-resistant as well
  • Adjustable Height offers the convenience to you upon the desire of a designed cage theme. Please keep in mind the dimension of this hamster exercise wheel, if your cage or tank is small or not tall enough, it's not a perfect choice due to the big size
  • The non-tipping stand gives this wheel a firm stand, it comes with a cork mat under the base to prevent moving when the hamster running