Niteangel Accurately Hamster Wheel Pedometer- Small Animal Step Counter

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  • Necessary Hamster Wheel Pedometer - Are you curious about how much exercise your little hamster gets at night? The Niteangel Hamster Wheel Pedometer is what you're looking for. This hamster step counter accurately records the number of revolutions made by the hamster wheel, allowing you to discover your hamster's daily exercise patterns and promptly identify and manage any physical condition.
  • Simple in Function & Easy to Use - This product consists of a receiver and a pedometer. With simple button operation, you can easily check your hamster's daily activity by pressing a button to query its exercise over a period of time. You can monitor and manage your hamster's daily steps at any time. The design of small animal wheel pedometer is very user-friendly, allowing you to take care of your small pet with ease and keep them well-being and happy.
  • Easy Installation & Long-Term Recording - You only need to remove the logo cover, attach the receiver to the bearing, and then install the pedometer clockwise. The entire process is quick, simple, and requires no additional tools. More importantly, the small pet wheel pedometer can record data for up to 9 days and accurately track your hamster's daily exercise.
  • Low Battery Reminder & Wireless Design - The low battery reminder function can remind you in a friendly manner to replace the battery, so you don't have to worry about the device suddenly stopping working. In addition, the wireless design can effectively reduce the risk of hamsters chewing on wires, allowing you to use the niteangel wheel pedometer with peace of mind and provide a safe environment for your small pet. (Please note that you need to purchase a CR2032 battery separately)
  • It is suitable for all series of Niteangel hamster wheels. Including the Niteangel super-silent hamster wheel series, Niteangel acrylic wheel series, Nitenagel cloud wheel series and Niteangel wooden wheel series, Please note that it is only suitable for Niteangel brand hamster wheels and not compatible with other brands of hamster wheels.

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