Niteangel Hamster Birch Wood Platform for Small aminals' Food Bowl Drinking Bottle and Other cage Accessories

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  • Small Animal Play & Exercise Platform - It's designed for small pets like hamsters gerbils mice rats. It's easy to set up this platform in your pet's habitats or cages for your pets, let them enjoy their climbing moments, encourage them to conquer the higher places, also exercise their balance skills. A better choice to help them battle the boring times
  • Create multiple levels of spaces - This platform breaks the space level and creates more vertical available space by different heights platform. Also, this play-station is available to use for putting hamster wheels, feeding bowls, drinking bottle with base, or other small cages or habitats decors, enrich your hammys' home
  • Hammy Standing Playground - Enrich your lovely friend entertainments. They can run, sleep and play on the play station. Also, you can place with food dish, water bowl, running wheel or habitat decor on it
  • Natural Materials without nails - Made of European Imported Birch Plywood & Solid Birchwood, built by the tongue and groove method without nails. It's sanded each corner to smooth, brings reliable & enjoyable living to keep your furry friend's well-being
  • Dimension of rectangle platform 15.7-inch L x 7.1-inch W
  • Dimension of wave platform 15.7-inch L x 9-inch W

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