Niteangel Hamster Cardboard Paper Tunnel Set - DIY & Build Unique Tube Burrow as Hideout for Small Sized Animals Like Hamsters Mouse Gerbils Mice

  • Niteangel Creative & Composable Hamster Tunnel Set - Included 5 cellulose hamster tube toy as shown on first picture, each cellulose tube is compatible with other elements shown on, you can purchase this tunnel set and setup down in your hamster cage or habitats as a exploring tunnel system for hamster to hide and play. It's recommanded for Hamsters, Mice, Gerbils, Mouse, Lemmings or other small-sized pets
  • Promote hammy's needs & instincts - To mimic hamsters wild habitat to build a natural-look burrow and underground tunnel systems for it to explore & hide-away. Stimulate them to exercise & digging to improve their physical & mental healthy
  • Hamster Underground Tunnel - As we also use hamster bedding for hamsters to keep their well-being, Niteangel Hamster Underground Tunnel Set no only offers their more fun on playing, also avoid hamster bedding falling down due to hamster burrowing
  • Funny DIY Toys - Different connections offers multiple combined & changes. Each pipe has at least 2 holes, you can combine them as you like and create the tunnel systems & resident to suit your pet's needs and instincts, keep their curious. You also can DIY those tunnels with your wonderful idea to make more fun and decorate your cage as well
  • Pet-friend Material - Made from unbleached cellulose tubes, safely be chewed, offers more insteresting for small pets. The diameter of holes are around 2.3-inch, it's easy for them to go through or in

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